El Periodico Que No Se Queda Callado!
The Newspaper That Refuses to Shut up!
Readership and Circulation

La Politiquera is distributed electronically. Many of our long time readers are community activists and elected officials in the cities in which they reside. They are influential and active participants in the "agenda setting" of their respective communities and help to insure that La Politiquera is widely distributed.

Another segment of our readership consists of the academic community in higher education. We make a extra effort to share and spotlight the many professors and researchers who are on the cutting edge of new and innovative ideas. La Politiquera believes that knowledge is power and that the research done in many colleges and universities serves to move the society forward.

The last component  of our readership are those everyday folks who look forward to reading interesting information about La Raza from a variety of perspectives. As a publication, La Politiquera does not endorse candidates but instead endorses ideas and doggedly pushes them.
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Readership & Circulation

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